A downloadable Buggy game demo for Windows and Linux

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The bug inspector!
Enter the world of San-Francicado with Inspector Phillip Mothlowe and his partner Buggsy as they solve the mysterious crimes that have been plaguing the once peaceful city.

Initially made for the GitHub GameOff 2021 Gamejam.
The theme this year was : Bug

Install instructions

1. Download the zip file.

2. Extract the folder.

3. Run the .exe inside.

4. Enjoy and tell us  what you think!

Link To GitHub Project: https://github.com/HAID-Audio/Insector

Made by:
b é à n

Special thanks to the Polycool Discord

Music for Intro Cutscene licensed under Creative Commons

‘Hot Salsa’ by Audionautix ‘Bass Vibes - Rollin at 5’ and ‘Faster Does It’ by Kevin Macleode



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Click download now to get access to the following files:

The Insector Demo - For Windows 210 MB
The Insector Demo - For Linux 146 MB
Version 1
Insector Demo Manual Version 1.pdf 11 MB


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I don't remember downloading this, but the art is pretty cool


another playthrough. I would have spoken to the people outside if I knew it was so short 


I've been on an odd point & click kick lately and am glad that I found The Insector. Despite being an early build, it has a good foundation going for it with the cast, personalities, and plenty of charm. I also find the little 2D figures work super well in the world. Weird about the alien clown makeup though...

I may not be the best insector, but I'm the best there is. Good job, devs.
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Thank you so much for playing! You are spot on with the 70's date. Definitely a source of inspiration. A lot of the dialogue was rushed for the jam and the UI was a little buggier in your playthrough than we found in testing.


Leave it to me to find bugs people didn't know existed! I knew they put me on the force for a reason...


I cased the crack!

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And you found the secret alien dialogue! you are the first person I know who has found it unprompted so congratulations!

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I always have a good time with investigation/detective games and this one leans into that in a great way. Cute character designs and areas that explore what a world filled with bugs is like! The writer certainly loves their puns (there were so many good ones)! Props also for having an NB character!


Thankyou for playing our lil demo! And yes our puns do pack a PUNch and we have a bunch!

I downloaded this and it wouldn't work, it kept saying there were problems? Can anyone help me :') I really want to play this.

What exactly did the error say? I might be able to help you get it to run.

Ok, I tried opening it again and this time it said:


Couldn't start:

(my sd drive)\users\(my computer username)\OneDrive\Desktop\InsectorTD\Binaries\Win64\InsectorTD-Win64-Shipping.exe"  InsectorTD

CreateProcess() returned 2

and that's it...? I think the last time it said something different but I don't remember what

Hmmm I've searched the error and maybe your antivirus software could be causing the issueLink 2.

It seems like people also get this error if they don't extract the game files before trying to play?


In that case, it's probably my computer then, because I extracted the files... I think my computer cam with an antivirus thing, so maybe I can fix it? Thanks!


very fun game, and the art is amazing!!!

Thankyou! Glad you enjoyed it!


very cool game, but you can still talk to stephen after he disappears or whatever he does.

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Yes haha it was supposed to be him awkwardly camouflaging into the background.


very cute game and artstyle, and solidly designed too! looking forward to seeing more from you

the only critique I have is that you might want to have the camera zoom in a little more when entering the smaller rooms, as the 3D environment sometimes got in the way of clicking on things

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Thankyou for playing! Yes you're completely right.


i normally dont comment on games, but the character designs are so cute :D!!!!!!


Thankyou for the comment! our character designer bean did a fantastic job!


Omg kate is a nonbinary i love this


Thanks for telling me up front, I almost wanted to donate and play the game. I'll find another game.

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I feel that they’re being rude for a good reason, though. 

F*ck I was wrong, sorry, he is

I thought he was referring to another comment, I saw well and you're right

well, he certainly won't gain more respect or appreciation for you with this and the other rude responses.

the op said she loves the small minor detail, and I guess there are surely people that would support this game because of the small minor detail.

why is it wrong if an other person feels the opposite?

another chance for developers in general would be to focus on more important aspects of the game and do not make sexual statements at all. that would be my preference 


Ewwwww homophobic 🤮

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F*ck I was wrong, sorry, he is


bro the only thing you need to find is friends


Russian plz)


лучший никнейм


User/display name is awesome 😩👌

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Unfortunately we didn't get to test the Linux version properly in time for the Jam release. It seems to works for some people and not for others.

But if we do continue with this prototype a proper Linux and Mac version will be one of the goals.


This belongs in the Paperverse! Paperverse (@paperverse) / Twitter

Oooh yes! I think our buggy buddies would fit right in.




Thankyou so much for playing our game! I've subscribed to your channel too, looking forward to more videos!

whoah!!! Np. THANK YOU SO MUCH..I appreciate that

does it works with 32 bits computers?


yes but ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm no


It doesn't.

The game was made for a game jam we didn't have time to test or build it for 32 Bit. Maybe in the future though.



amazing 10/10 i want to kiss mothlowe


Glad you liked it!

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nice story



This game has a lot of bugs ( pun )




You'd bee very right about that 😊



This game is the absolute best! Love ya work!

Thankyou HOT SMOG!


Very fun and intriguing game. The characters are very charismatic. Can't wait for the complete version. Congrats on your game.

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Thankyou for playing our little prototype glad you enjoyed it!