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Welcome to the Internet!

Looking to chat with some old friends, or maybe even meet some new ones? DOSSIP used to be the only place where you could chat in stunning 3D! 

DOSSIP is a three-dimensional "Metaverse" from the past, available NOW in the present. 
In DOSSIP  you can be who you want to be, chat to complete strangers, roam and explore a 3D World in the most advanced graphics late 90s had to offer.

Install instructions:
1. Download the zip file.
2. Extract the folder.
3. Run the .exe inside.
4. Enjoy and tell us what you think!

Made by: HAID, EPICGameGuy& Chae

Jam Chat text by: The Polycool.
Jam Version was made for the Dying MMO Jam

The Jam Version is not actually online , all usernames and messages  are  just simulated, any similarities to real people or real messages is completely by random chance. 


Download NowName your own price

Click download now to get access to the following files:

DOSSIP (Original Windows Jam Version) 141 MB
DOSSIP Online (Linux Alpha Build) Untested 97 MB
DOSSIP Online ( Windows Beta Build 0.1) Untested 115 MB


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Cool game, nice 90s online game art style ->


It was really good!


I really enjoyed playing this game, it's so aesthetic


I didn't read the disclaimer, and thus thought I was playing with real people. 10/10 game.


DOSSIP nails the liminal feeling!
It feels like I have been there, before.

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this is so wizard oh my gosh! this is the best thing since sliced bread! i cant wait to hang out with my e-friends!


Really cool aesthetic!